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2020-2021 Open Competition

About the Competition

This competition is currently closed for applications.

This nationwide call for proposals was announced in fall 2020 and was available to any groups meeting our selection criteria. To find out more, download and read our Program Guide.


Of the 42 submissions received, seven were approved. Check back here or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for profiles of the winning projects.

Competition Details

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Project Registration Form Submission due
Deadline passed

Invitation to submit Expression of Interest 
Deadline passed

Expression of Interest Submission due
Deadline passed

Invitation to submit Full Project Proposal 
Deadline passed

Full Project Proposal Submission due
Deadline passed

Funding decision notification
Fall 2021


CAAIN’s 2021 Expression of Interest (EOI) Webinar takes applicants through the process of filling out our EOI form. This video will be of interest if you’ve made round 2 of our 2021 Open Competition, or you plan to submit a proposal in the future.

Webinars in Support of Full Proposal Applicants (1-3)

Need Assistance?

Answers to many common questions can be found in Program Guide.

CAAIN encourages Applicants to work with their networks to develop projects that are in line with the strategic intent of the Collaborative Technology Development and Application Project Competition.

If you have questions about eligibility, process, completing forms, etc., please connect via email to