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CAAIN Searching for a Permanent Board of Directors

The Opportunity

The Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) is seeking qualified applicants for two- and three-year appointments to its inaugural permanent Board of Directors (Board). This role will appeal to senior agri-food and ag-tech professionals with experience in areas such as governance, strategic planning, and upper-level management.

Board Member Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of CAAIN’s Board is to provide organisational leadership by establishing a Strategic Plan and approving a Business Plan, which includes performance measures and the budget for the plan’s fiscal years. CAAIN publishes an annual report summarising its operations, programs, and financial affairs for the preceding fiscal year. The Board maintains overall fiduciary responsibility for CAAIN, oversees its business affairs, and ensures proper governance by establishing the organisation’s policy direction.

Meeting Commitment

As guided by the Board Chair, the newly appointed Board may choose to meet monthly for the first quarter, to allow for orientation and decisions to be made regarding project approvals, and then adopt a quarterly meeting cadence. Extraordinary meetings may also be called at the discretion of the Chair. In addition, Directors will be expected to serve on one or more Board Committees, whose meetings typically last about an hour and immediately precede those of the Board.

To Apply

For more information, download the application form. If you wish to explore the opportunity further, complete and submit the document as instructed.

We thank you for your interest in CAAIN and appreciate all submissions. However, only those selected for any interview will be contacted.



At present there are no job openings at CAAIN.


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