General Inquiries

The IP and data associated with a project belongs to its partners. CAAIN takes no ownership of any kind. That said, the level of funding we provide depends on a project team's willingness to share high-level descriptions of expected or actual IP and data. Specifically, approved project teams are reimbursed for 20% of eligible costs they incur during the period covered by the funding agreement. If they agree to contribute to CAAIN's high-level IP catalogue, they receive an additional 10%. The same applies if they accept to participate in our data catalogue. Thus, eligible costs are reimbursed at a level of 20%, 30%, or 40%, depending on participation in our IP and data catalogues, which are, in turn, viewable exclusively by CAAIN Network members.

It would be our pleasure but before you email your request to us at, might we suggest you join the CAAIN Network? There's no cost and you'll be able to search for potential collaborators from among the other members.


In a word: YES! We believe that the solutions to the world's most pressing agri-food challenges require interdisciplinary collaboration--cross-pollination, in agricultural terms. We are particularly interested in the participation of technical and technology professionals--for example, engineers and computer programmers who might not think of the agri-food sector as a natural fit for their expertise. That said, innovation takes many forms, and all professions may be able to add value.

Absolutely. The more members we have, the greater the value of belonging. Also, we're examining the feasibility of using this network to create an interactive map of Canada's agri-food technology ecosystem. This is all about encouraging a "collaborate to innovate" mindset, which starts with forming connections and building interdisciplinary bridges. So spread the word and invite your colleagues and other professional contacts to grow what will become a valuable Canadian agri-food resource.

Please do. Discussions are the name of the game. We don't want to generate all the content. This is a community and we encourage you to contribute to its growth.

No problem. Simply email your inquiry to We'll respond within one business day.

Absolutely. The only stipulation is that there be a contact person. Our site provides plenty of opportunity to promote your work and that of you organisation.

Nothing. There is no fee of any kind associated with belonging to, and participating in, our network.

Project Funding

CAAIN doesn't provide grants. Our process is to reimburse up to 40% of eligible project costs to a maximum of $3 million for any one team. We do not respond to unsolicited requests for financial support, regardless of how good the concept might be. We reimburse only those applicants who successfully respond to one of our funding calls.

When you respond to a CAAIN funding call, all the information you'll need will be included in the relevant program guide. You can also click here to review the Guidelines for Eligible and Ineligible Costs for Ultimate Recipients.

SME stands for "small and medium-sized enterprise," which for our purposes we define as any company with fewer than 500 employees.

Part of our mandate is to grow the Canadian agri-food industry. To do so, we must support projects that will generate skilled private-sector employment, which, in turn, depends on the success of small businesses that are the backbone of our nation's economy. Hence our requirement for the active involvement of at least two SMEs. That said, there's nothing saying major corporations, academic institutions, and research organisations can't get in on the action. In fact, we encourage such collaboration.

CAAIN reimburses up to 40% of eligible costs incurred by projects that have been approved through one of our funding calls. At the moment we do not accept unsolicited requests for financial support. But stay tuned to this site, and if things change, we'll provide an update. Better yet, become a member and be the first to know.