What We Do

Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network Ltd., or CAAIN, is a not-for-profit company formed in July 2019 and supported primarily through funding from Stream 4 of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF). By connecting, creating, and cultivating, we support the development of new knowledge and technological solutions for the most significant challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s agri-food sector.

Supporting the Creation and Adoption of New Knowledge and Technology

We support research & innovation that will drive increased precision, productivity, and value for agricultural producers and the primary food processing sector of the agri-food value chain. The advances enable agri-food and technology sector researchers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to contribute meaningfully to our country’s economic growth, employment, and international competitiveness. Our funding focus prioritizes three innovation pillars:

  1. Automation & Robotics
  2. Data-Driven Decision-Making
  3. Validation & Demonstration of Emerging Knowledge & Technology

Project Partners

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Developing Canada’s Agri-Food Network

We are working to bridge the divide separating agri-food companies and technology firms. Agri-food producers and primary processors tend to have generations of experience and, quite reasonably, a self-confidence derived from being natural innovators. That said, they know better than to invest their hard-earned money on unproven technologies whose economic value is unproven. Many agriculture sector players DO want to modernize but only if evidence-based solutions are available, which is why we are supporting the development of smart farm networks that validate and demonstrate innovative products destined for domestic and international markets.

The other side of the equation is comprised of brilliant technology professionals who are unaware of their work’s potentially significant agri-food applications.

Through the network we’re building, we will bring together diverse stakeholders, providing the opportunity to create necessary touch points. CAAIN will facilitate this process by:

  • Developing directories of relevant players of a combined agri-food/technology sector;
  • Hosting events designed to inform and connect; and,
  • Creating high-level catalogues describing the intellectual property and data generated by the research & innovations we support.

We will encourage the positive interaction and collaboration of diverse individuals and organizations with an interest in seeing Canada’s agri-food technology sector flourish.

Our Vision, Mission, Values, and People


We are Canada’s leading AgTech innovation network.


CAAIN connects and invests in Canada’s agri-food and technology sectors to drive innovation and productivity.




CAAIN’s Board of Directors