olds college smart farm

CAAIN is supporting the development of a nationwide network of smart farms. Simply put, smart farms are where the latest agricultural technology can be validated, demonstrated to producers, and used as a teaching tool for the next generation of farmers who will then know agriculture and intuitively understand the benefits offered by new technology.

Imagine the challenge of farmers who want to explore technological opportunities but are unsure how to proceed without incurring major financial risk. Now imagine a facility that incorporates the advanced tools the producers are considering—GPS, real-time soil, pest, and disease monitoring, data analysis, and autonomous machinery. Such an operation offers producers real-world demonstrations of technology, significantly mitigating investor risk.

The smart farm projects of we support tend—but aren’t required—to involve post-secondary institutions. This is by design. Tomorrow’s producers must graduate from colleges and universities with an appreciation of, and comfort with, technology, as well as expertise in agriculture. That dual stream requires hands-on learning, and smart farms provide that opportunity.

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