Project ANT aims to provide an innovative autonomous mobile platform to the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry. It breaks from the traditional approach of the single-purpose greenhouse robot, and will demonstrate the feasibility of a flexible platform capable of carrying various payloads and addressing many of the challenges inherent in CEA automation.
ANT is a system of autonomously navigating robots serving as a universal mobile platform for nearly any greenhouse automation task. It uses multiple classes of robots that cooperate to delegate tasks efficiently and lower total system costs. The initiative will accelerate the development and adoption of new automation by solving the complex technical challenges associated with effectively and efficiently relocating tools around a greenhouse. For example, the developers of an automatic tomato harvesting machine can focus on the intricate operations required to remove fruit safely without being concerned about how to move from plant to plant. ANT is an enabling technology that will improve automation in indoor agricultural operations, reduce associated labour requirements, and enhance Canada’s reputation as a global leader in agri-food innovation.

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Sven Riemer
Ecoation Innovative Solutions