Four significant factors contribute to the inefficiency of the Canadian live-haul transportation industry:

  • Significant paperwork requirements;
  • Animal welfare standards;
  • Demands for increased driver accountability in the form of detailed activity logs; and,
  • A lack of user-friendly technology that would allow drivers to operate efficiently.

Added to this is the time livestock spends in a trailer—an anomalous information “black hole” in an otherwise increasingly transparent agri-food value chain.

The sector would benefit from accessible, scalable technology that provides simple reporting—something to mitigate transport drivers’ sense that they are under constant scrutiny. The tool would also have to guarantee secure data ownership and access, include biosecurity mechanisms, reduce the paperwork burden, and automate data transfer among disparate systems. Integrating all these functions under a single banner would lead to a more robust, transparent, resilient supply chain. While Transport Genie was developed initially to monitor internal environmental conditions and driver performance, it possesses the capacity to deliver the functionality noted above. It will, effectively provide a single solution to many live-haul transport traceability and security challenges.

This project will fine tune Transport Genie’s capacity to connect digital automation functions among disparate systems, and enhance its ability to incorporate a touchless, verifiable data source for producers, truckers, processors, regulators, retailers, and consumers through a mobile app. Finally, the core technology is intended to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems, allowing organisations to keep their existing processes, reducing the twin burdens of retraining and investing in new technology.

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value
$ 124,422

Project Contact
Joel Sotomayor
CEO, Transport Genie