Project Lead

CATTLEytics Inc., Hamilton, ON

Project Partner

Joe Loewith & Sons Dairy Farm, Hamilton, ON

Project Description

CATTLEytics is developing a groundbreaking strategy to place Canada as a leader in dairy data systems. They are providing a much more powerful and intuitive replacement for existing dairy management software solutions, and have a vision and a plan to create a collaborative, intelligent dairy framework. These features will lead to improvements in profitability, sustainability, and animal health and welfare.

Project Innovation

  • Predictive Modelling – A stepwise approach to data modelling for the Canadian dairy industry.
  • Collaborative framework – Third-party application support: Through an internal framework, CATTLEytics enables applications like activity monitors to integrate as installable modules.
  • Digital twinning – Inventory: The application will allow farmers to keep accurate records of their animals, track and report increases or reductions in their herd, easily identify animals, and visualize their metrics and performance.

Project Investment

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value

Project Contact

Shari Van de Pol
Founder and CEO
CATTLEytics Incorporated