Project-F3 features the collaboration of three established agri-food SMEs with operations in Canada and the US:

  • PIP International
    They seek to accelerate the global adoption of the most sustainable, best tasting, and affordable protein.
  • Provision Analytics
    They make it easier to capture processes and catch mistakes, making food safer and management faster.
  • Monette Farms
    They produce agricultural products efficiently, sustainably, and profitably in an enjoyable work environment.

This partnership, led by PIP, will create a circular AgTech ecosystem connecting farm to factory and back to farm. A repeatable cycle data loop, supported by academia and available to agri-food businesses at both ends of the supply chain, will tie together this agricultural data management network project. The team expects the F3 platform will:

  1. Improve productivity by
    1. delivering real-time digital analysis capable of identifying otherwise undetectable systemic deficits and gaps, and
    2. forecasting upstream and downstream data from different stages of production, processing, and distribution to save time, eliminate waste, and provide new insights;
  2. Enhance value driven by data to help decide everything from the best pea seeds to plant, to the processing of the best pea protein—farms and factories will make decisions knowing that data supports their choices; and,
  3. Provide the entire supply chain with immediate access to analyzed data.

Pulse crops represent one of the final frontiers with respect to agri-food traceability and information sharing. This project team will seek to remove the barriers separating farms and downstream supply chains. Caused by a range of factors, the hurdles include challenges associated with capturing and managing complex data, human error, lack of trust and transparency, and the absence of strong data feedback loops on which meaningful analytical insights depend.

Canada’s ability to keep pace in the global agri-food sector depends on our ability to innovate. A key element of advancement is the availability of accurate, analyzed data. This, in turn, requires the means to connect farms to factories securely and in real time. The F3 project will develop and demonstrate such capacity, employing Provision’s digitized vendor management solution to connect PIP’s entire supply chain seamlessly, and with the push of a button, to Monette’s farm. PIP will be able to track, manage, sort, and differentiate among farms by location, performance, agronomic decisions, storage & shipping parameters, and verification levels (organic, natural, etc.). Introducing such capabilities to the Canadian agri-food industry will benefit the entire sector.

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Steve Jakeway
PIP International