Liquid manure. To most people it’s something you hope not to step in. But to many farmers, it’s a necessary source of crop nutrients. Unfortunately, its application depends on unskilled labour that tends to deliver inconsistent and poorly measured results.

Enter Haggerty AgRobotics with their project team of farmers, industry professionals, and university researchers who will design, test, and document a potential commercial autonomous farming system to apply liquid livestock manure both in bare fields and on standing field crops. They will employ an autonomous power platform and proprietary technology to eliminate the use of unskilled labour and more precisely determine and respond to crop needs. In addition to requiring only highly skilled workers, this technology will provide significant economic and environmental benefits by delivering a marketable made-in-Canada solution capable of assessing impact on crop yield and reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated by improperly timed applications of manure.

The resulting reduction of nutrient losses will save producers time and money while positively impacting the ecological footprint of modern North American livestock operations.

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Chuck Baresich
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