Project Lead

Ukko Agro, Toronto, ON

Project Partners

Chrysalabs, Montreal, QC

Hawks Agro, Moose Jaw, SK

Project Description

This project will combine knowledge from agricultural science, data science, and AI to develop a nitrogen recommendation algorithm to help Canadian growers improve nitrogen management. The desired outcome is the creation of a new data-driven technology that will be beneficial for advanced research and decision-making in the agri-food sector.

Project Innovation

  • Transform nitrogen fertilizer management in Canada by developing an integrated real-time nitrogen guidance system tailored for growers across the country’s diverse agricultural landscapes.
  • Develop a decision-support system for in-season nitrogen fertilizer management that will address the gaps left by most of the current existing tools and/or process-based models.
  • Field test and validate the developed decision-support system.
  • Implement and integrate the developed decision-support system in Ukko’s proprietary platform ForeSiteTM.

Project Investment

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value

Project Contact

Ketan Kaushish
Ukko Agro Inc.