Project Lead

BH Frontier Solutions Inc., Toronto, ON

Project Partners

2652762 Ontario Ltd. (Farm Life Group), Keswick, ON & Lagos, Nigeria

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Vineland Station, ON

Project Description

This project seeks to develop, validate, and demonstrate an autonomous agricultural robot that can eradicate weeds with high voltage electricity and data-driven precision agrochemical application. The electric weeding technology will be optimized to achieve efficiency and efficacy levels that compete with conventional herbicide weeding.

Project Innovation

  • Optimize the technology to enable the Agrobot’s electric weeding operations to achieve levels of efficiency and efficacy on par with conventional herbicide weeding in planned field trials.
  • Develop commercial-ready computer vision models capable of real-time weed and crop detection and identification by the end of the project.

Project Investment

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value

Project Contact

David Tao
Co-founder and CEO
BHF Frontier Solutions Inc.