Project Lead

Bakerview EcoFarm, Abbotsford, BC

Project Partners

TheoryMesh Corp., Winnipeg, MB

FortisBC, Abbotsford, BC

PT3 Biotech, Abbotsford, BC

Project Description

This project will enable the EcoFarm to further differentiate itself in the market as a supplier of sustainable dairy products. By building this integrated data-capture system, the company will be able to advertise its reductions in greenhouse gas emissions directly to consumers. Additionally, the funding provided by CAAIN will allow the EcoFarm to conduct feed, product, and animal analysis beyond what is currently routine for the farm. This data will provide insights into performance and efficiency of the operation from sustainability and GHG perspectives.

Project Innovation

  • Develop a “GHG Statement Platform”: Integration of on-farm data into the TheoryMesh platform for relevant GHG projects.
  • Integrate all data collection points into TheoryMesh.
  • Develop an ISO 14064-2 Project Proposal Template
  • Install and compare data collection techniques for capturing GHG information.
  • Update and optimize an anaerobic digester: Install an automated controller.
  • Generate GHG Statement I: Additive study documented on TheoryMesh Platform.
  • Generate GHG Statement II: Digested manure study documented on TheoryMesh Platform.

Project Investment

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value

Project Contact

Bill Vanderkooi
President and CEO
Nutriva Group and Vitala Foods