Project Lead

Nectar Technologies Inc., Montreal, QC

Project Partners

Intermiel Inc., Mirabel, QC

Busy Bee Farm Ltd., Hay Lakes, AB

Project Description

The objective of this project is to develop, deploy, and test a data-driven tool leveraging artificial intelligence that will automate the management of commercial beekeeping operations in a field setting. The tool will automate the prescription and prioritization of tasks and routes according to the outcome on annual honeybee colony survival rates and business profitability.

Project Innovation

  • The innovative AI-powered prescriptive beekeeping tool, a first of its kind globally, will be embedded in Nectar‘s BeeTrack traceability platform.
  • Deploying this tool will enhance decision-making in order to reduce time and resources spent on traveling to the various apiaries, optimize the use of labour, and minimize the daily planning of operations, all while optimizing the care of bee colonies via the analysis of the data already collected through BeeTrack.

Project Investment

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value

Project Contact

Marc-André Roberge
Co-Founder and CEO
Nectar Technologies Inc.