Project Lead

Farm Health Guardian, Guelph,ON

Project Partners

VETSon, Norwich, ON

HyLife Ltd., Neepawa, MB

Prairie Swine Centre, Saskatoon, SK

Project Description

This project will develop “smart barn” technologies, where swine producers and their veterinarians can effectively prevent diseases, strengthen bio-security, and enhance disease response capabilities. This will be achieved through improved data collection, barn sensors and digital animal health records, along with predictive analytics that assist in reducing disease risks. Automated visitor logbooks and controlled access technology using facial recognition will be implemented to simplify the process of documenting visitor information.

Project Innovation

  • Biosecurity Automation Technologies to stop unauthorised barn entry. Automated door locking systems with RFID or facial recognition will strengthen farm biosecurity protocols by validating who is seeking entry before they can enter the barn(s). This will further enhance the current biosecurity tools.
  • Real Time Predictive Analytics to predict disease risks. When implemented across a network of farms or a sector, this information has the potential to create real time sector disease surveillance methods, predict disease risks in specific areas and quickly share alerts and messages with stakeholders.
  • Dynamic Digital Animal Health Record to simplify and automate record keeping. Integrate with a centralised digital health record template that, when possible, will incorporate improved data entry tools such as IoT sensors in the barns.
  • Tele-Health Communication Channel to identify and respond to disease symptoms faster. The digital health record can be easily shared between the worker in the barn, farm owner/manager, and veterinarian on a cloud hosted data platform. We will consult with veterinarians to develop trigger indicators for mortality and clinical signs for swine diseases such as PRRS, and PED.

Project Investment

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value

Project Contact

Rob Hannam
Chief Executive Officer
Farm Health Guardian