Quantification of soil organic carbon (SOC) remains a limiting factor for agricultural producers seeking to balance the value of implementing regenerative agriculture against a carbon market looking to offset related emissions. SoilOptix® is a global leader in providing high-resolution soil fertility and texture information at field scale, offering 335 data points per acre. The accuracy and precision of the information generated—i.e., predicting percentage and ton-per-hectare of organic carbon—offers users tools to develop management decisions for agricultural practices, coupled with the ability to access the carbon offset market. In other words, the SoilOptix® platform will allow producers to assess their farm’s potential to sequester carbon as an integral part of their operation.

Quantifying SOC is a multi-step process based on existing regional soil models that are then scaled to predict SOC levels across larger geographic areas, delivering a marketable product. The project team will employ gamma spectrometry sensors to map the soil, applying a standard operating procedure to collect the field data. Physical samples will be extracted at a ratio of one sample per three hectares. These will be tested at a Canadian soil laboratory. Results from the lab and survey will be processed by SoilOptix®, resulting in high-resolution layers of SOC.

This project will advance the SoilOptix® team’s ability to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to scale the application of its technology as a leading predictor of soil organic carbon. The end result will be to reduce the need for, and cost associated with, testing soil samples without sacrificing the predictive accuracy required for carbon markets.

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value
$ 199,284

Project Contact
Zach Harmer