Project Lead

Precision Livestock Diagnostics Ltd

Project Partners

Green Analytics Corp., Edmonton, AB

Sunterra Farms, Acme, AB

Green Metrics Technologies Corporation, Edmonton, AB

South-West Vets, Stratford, ON

Project Description

This project will focus on automation of barn control system adjustments, based on real-time IoT data and trend analysis of data records, to optimize the barn environment for animal welfare and productivity while reducing personnel-hours required to maintain optimal rearing environments.

Project Innovation

  • Develop a precision livestock farming (PLF) hardware, software, and data analytics platform designed to correlate video and audio analysis for animal production/performance parameters.
  • Deploy IoT sensors for the monitoring of barn environmental conditions and energy consumption, to supplement available information through the IoT barn control systems.
  • Integrate a two-way data messaging-in-the-barn control systems to allow for automated adjustments to equipment operation thresholds and control settings, removing the need for the barn operator to monitor and adjust these systems manually.

Project Investment

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value

Project Contact

Mike Kennedy
Founder and CEO, Precision Livestock Diagnostics