This project will validate the use of exciting new technologies (sensors, multispectral imaging, and conception-to-consumption traceability software) to provide accurate, real-time assessment of cattle growth, body fat, and carcass composition, as well as beef industry-specific information on the health and well-being of cattle.

The intelligent automated collection and use of such data are keys to understanding what is produced and what is thrown away. This will allow players along the supply chain to reduce waste, cost, and carbon emissions, thereby improving the competitiveness and sustainability of Canada’s beef sector. The resulting improved social licence and profitability will benefit the entire industry—consider that a 1% increase in beef feed efficiency at the pasture level would return $11 million to the sector.

The project will also support some of the goals identified in the 2020-2024 National Beef Strategy’s four pillars of beef production.


Supported Goal(s)

Demand Improve AAA cutout[1] by 2 percentage points
Competitiveness N/A


Improve calf crop by 2 percentage points &
Reduce average calf death losses to 5%
Connectivity N/A

This initiative will advance the development, value, and use of automation, blockchain, and artificial intelligence within Canada’s beef industry. This will, in turn, increase and improve sector-wide data collection and sharing, the net result of which will be to optimise production and minimise waste and loss.

CAAIN Contribution

Total Project Value

Project Contact
Dr. Jack Behan
CEO, Alpha Phenomics

[1] Beef cutout represents the value of a carcass based on that of individual cuts.