There is a fundamental worldwide problem restricting the optimal use of grains: Growers, buyers, and processors cannot be sure of the quality of the product they are looking at, nor can they truly know its provenance. VeriGrain ensures samples are representative and securely stored, so characteristics can be accurately determined and certified. The grower and buyer have certainty in the form of a digital record that offers complete traceability. The solution offers real value in dealing with the issue of buyers trusting grain quality and being more likely to pay an optimal price.

This project will focus on:

  • Validating the system’s ability to acquire samples in accordance with established grain sampling standards;
  • Integrating real-time grain characteristic determination capabilities;
  • Developing a secure storage and management system that ensures sample integrity and automated data generation and management to provide a verifiable chain of custody; and,
  • Ensuring VeriGrain data integrates with industry lab management systems, and that it interfaces seamlessly with existing farm management and grain brokering and contracting software.

CAAIN Contribution
$ 693,598

Total Project Value
$ 1,541,509

Project Contact
Ken Jackson
Co-Founder and CEO
VeriGrain Sampling

Project Video