A Three-Step Process

We do not hand over money and then walk away from the recipients. Instead, we partner with groups that respond to a particular funding call and successfully navigate a defined three-step process, reimbursing up to 40% of the eligible costs they incur over the life of their project. The three steps are:

  1. Project Registration
    This initial step is open to applicants from across Canada who feel their agri-food innovation meets the parameters of the funding call in question. To make it past this stage, project groups must be entirely Canadian and include at least two small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They are required only to fill out and submit a short form providing a high-level summary of their concept and a brief description of their team’s composition.
  2. Expression of Interest
    This phase is by invitation only and indicates that the applicant has met a minimum standard and is asked to provide significantly more project information, including an abbreviated financial workbook. The information submitted is evaluated by the CAAIN Technology and Science Advisory Committee (TSAC), a panel of external experts who recommend which submissions move on to the final stage.
  3. Full Project Proposal
    The third step in the process is also invitation only, and requires the applicants to complete and submit a comprehensive project description, including a full financial workbook. The documentation is reviewed by TSAC, which passes along its recommendations to CAAIN’s Board of Directors for final fundingĀ  approval.

For complete details, we invite you to download our latest Program Guide or email your questions to info@caain.ca.