Data-Driven Decision-Making

VeriGrain™ Development, Validation, and Commercialization

A CAAIN Closed Competition project supporting the development of innovative technology that ensures the integrity of the grain sampling process.
Automation and Robotics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development for Autonomous Agriculture Application

A CAAIN Closed Competition project to improve technology that will reduce the impact of labour shortages and inefficiencies on dryland farming.
Data-Driven Decision-Making

Harvesting Automation: Reducing the Requirement for Highly Skilled Labour During the Harvest of Broad-Acre Cash Crops

A CAAIN Closed Competition project developing technology that will make the process of harvesting broad-acre crops more efficient and more profitable.
Automation and Robotics

Automating Traceability, Creating a Digital Manifest, and Providing Transport Assurance Via Generic Data Enablers

A CAAIN Closed Competition project to develop a tool designed to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of Canada's live-haul transporters.
Automation and Robotics

Optimizing Hyper-Eye: Assessing the Fertility and Gender of Pre-Incubated Eggs

A CAAIN Closed Competition project supporting the development of innovation that, when commercialised, will provide significant socio-economic value.
Data-Driven Decision-Making

Automatisation de la récolte : Réduire les besoins en main-d’œuvre hautement qualifiée lors de la récolte de cultures commerciales de grandes superficies

Projet du concours fermé du RCAIA visant une technologie qui rendra la récolte de cultures sur de grandes superficies plus efficaces et plus rentables
Validation & Demonstration of Emerging Technology

Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network Development

A CAAIN Closed Competition project creating a network of smart farms that will validate and demonstrate the latest AgTech in a real-world setting.